This week’s Space Capsule… ultra-spacey!

February 16, 2011

On this Friday’s Space Capsule, Matt will be playing a group called “LightDreams” … here’s more information about the group from their website…


Islands in Space is a rare album released in 1981 by Paul Marcano’s band LightDreams featuring music exploring the potential for space colonization or rather space habitats, that is, space travel and the High Frontier as popularized by Gerrard O’Neil. Space travel and the eventual colonization of other worlds or habitat building in outer space will create an evolution in humankind’s inner awareness of our spacial and galactic place in the Universe as a home where we will eventual discover near- infinite resources from mining astroids to establishing cities on other planets, their moons and beyond. Once we find ways to travel faster and perfect landing on and taking off from other worlds the magnitude of newdiscovery and potential for scientic exploration will open up incredible new arenas for exploring the potential for further SPACE and Shuttle endeavours from the International Space Station where cultures world-wide are currently reaching for the high frontier, often referred to as the final frontier and then on to the moon, Mars and perhaps even the stars where meteors and comets may yet become the taxis to the cosmos. It is all very cosmic from earth orbit and Virgin Galactic to satellite telescopes to cities and islands in space.

He also will be mixing in some new music from innovative ambient composer Tim Hecker…


I will be playing from a “new” Miles Davis album called Bitches Brew Live, which contains rare live performances of music from the classic album recorded at the 1969 Newport Jazz Festival.

Also,  included in the ultra-spacey set will be a selection from Sun Ra’s funky 1978 album “Lanquidity”


Tune in this Friday from 11pm-Midnight for a new episode of the Space Capsule on 91.3 KVLU!

streaming at kvlu.org


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