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March 28, 2011

Matt and I hope that you enjoyed the SXSW Space Capsule on Friday.

Remember, if you’d like to look up the artists and groups that were featured in Matt’s SXSW mix, you can visit our main playlist archive which is posted here…

We’d also like to share some more pictures from the festival…

The band Prince Rama's dancer!

No Joy live at SXSW!

More No Joy live at SXSW!

Music in the streets at SXSW

Matthew with Dan Deacon after his set.

Lead Vocalist for the Canadian band Austra


SXSW: The Space Capsule perspective

March 22, 2011



This Friday on the show, Matt will be presenting a mix of artists and groups that he witnessed at SXSW last week.

Prepare yourself for a unique take on the SXSW festival phenomenon!

Tune in to the show this Friday, which will begin at its usual time of 11pm CT on 91.3 KVLU, you can listen online from wherever you are at

Prince Rama at SXSW

No Joy shoegazing for the audience at SXSW

A Space Capsule fan at SXSW!


Psychedelic Glass Capsule

March 17, 2011

On tomorrow’s show, we present a preview of Austin Psych Fest, while anticipating the musical finds that Matt will bring back from SXSW. (He will present them on next week’s Space Capsule.)

The show’s psychedelic set will include music from Spectrum, Crocodiles, Crystal Stilts, Atlas Sound and Austin’s The Black Angels.

After the psychedelic haze is cleared away by the thundering  sounds and momentum of Japanese Taiko drumming, Bowie and Eno emerge with instrumental selections from their 1997 collaboratory effort, “Low” , then a selection from Philip Glass’ symphonic interpretation of the album will bring the show to a crescendo.

Tune in and not out to this week’s Space CapsuleFriday night at 11 on 91.3 KVLU and


Traveling through music from Africa -> Cuba -> Brazil on this Friday’s Space Capsule

March 9, 2011

This week’s show will explore  West African music’s relationship to the music of Cuba. We will also be debuting a recent album by Brazilian  singersongwriterguitaristdrummer and percussionist Vinicius Cantuária in collaboration with American jazz-esque folk guitarist Bill Frisell.

Matt will  further the show’s destination by featuring a heavy and extended composition from a 1970 Impulse album by Pharoah Sanders.

Stay tuned for another edition of the Space Capsule this Friday night beginning at 11 on 91.3 KVLU.

Listen online at:


Sounds Ebb and Flow On Tonight’s Space Capsule!

March 4, 2011

Ride The Dynamics on tonight’s Space Capsule!

The wave starts with some electro-folk, including new music from Melodium.

Download his free EP here…

Next, the show builds with some  avant-electronic and jazz at the crest, then smooths itself off with warm ambience at the tail.


The show begins at 11pm CT on 91.3 KVLU

Live Streaming at