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NoNewChillWave Capsule

July 29, 2011


On tonight’s Space Capsule we mix a set of underground 80s new wave dance tracks and some current artists who carry their influence to the new school!

The mix will feature songs by 80s new wave icons Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, New Order, Gary Numan, Wall of Voodoo, Talking Heads, Devo, The B-52’s and Oingo Boingo plus others … you might know their hits … but now dance to their deep tracks!

It’s not too late to throw a Friday night dance party!

We’ll provide the tunes!

That’s tonight on the Space Capsule on 91.3 KVLU or stream online at


Underwater Capule

July 20, 2011


The modifications are now complete and the Space Capsule has been converted to a submersible for this week’s ocean adventure!


Much of the Earth’s ocean floor has not yet been explored or mapped just like the cosmos … so we draw a parallel between inner and outer space on this week’s show.

A mix inspired by the depths of the oceans of planet Earth awaits you on this week’s Space (Sea) Capsule…┬áthis Friday night at 11pm on 91.3 KVLU or jump into the live stream at



Pear Cap

July 1, 2011

Tonight’s show will be an experiment of sorts for the Space Capsule… we will be featuring a guest artist interview.

Our guest will be percussionist Rick Milne from the improvisational and experimental duo Pear.


The show will include music from their new album called “Extemp’ore“, as well as, new ambient music, Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate and some songs selected by the Rick Milne and Nick Peirone of Pear. For more information on the group…

The Space Capsule begins at 11pm CT on 91.3 KVLU in Beaumont, Texas or streaming online at