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Space Capsule Soundtrack

February 23, 2012


With Boomtown Film + Music Festival taking place in Beaumont this weekend… we bring you soundtracks and remixes on this Friday’s Space Capsule!         Tune in for the show on Friday at 11pm CST or catch the encore performance on Sunday at 8pm CST on 91.3 KVLU and!





Bandcamp Capsule 02-17-12

February 17, 2012

On this installment of the Space Capsule,, a site that hosts music by a diverse multitude of artists and groups from around the planet, is explored to bring you a unique selection of artists.

The artists featured on the show have albums/singles that can be  downloaded (some for free) from the site.

Here’s a list of the artists/groups featured on the program, along with their bandcamp sites.



Beat Culture



Sam Binder

mind things

8-bit weapon

Mitch Murder

Stephen Farris

Spooky Cheddar

Sapphire Slows

Coma Drover

Jordan F

The entire mix of this Space Capsule and others can be found on our mixcloud site:


Sci-Fi Pop, Sun Ra and Star Wars

February 9, 2012

We travel the spaceways on this Friday’s Space Capsule … adding a coda to our VHS special from last week, while mixing a program of sci-fi pop with a  light Star Wars themes, in honor of the release of Episode I in 3D this weekend. Tune in for a cruise around the solar system on the Space CapsuleFriday at 11pm CST / Sunday 8pm CST on 91.3 FM and



Rewind This! Capsule

February 2, 2012

Friday night on the Space Capsule, we will present a special program dedicated to the home video phenomenon!

Our guest will be Josh Johnson, co-director of an upcoming documentary on VHS culture titled, “Rewind This! A VHS Love Story”.  This feature length film is being produced out of Austin, Texas by IPF Productions. This is the first documentary of its kind… one that explores many aspect of VHS … from the inception of the media …to avid collectors,  directors, studios,  rental chains,  media experts and more! Join us as we talk VHS and share memories of this analog wonder! Oh yeah… and for the soundtrack … all VHS inspired artists!

The interview will be underscored with songs by Com Truise, VHS Head, Washed Out, Stephen Farris, College, Oneohtrix Point Never, Zombi, Power Glove, VHS Haze, Stephen Falken, FactoryFactory, Vektroid, Capo Blanco and Seekae.

Set your radio to 91.3 FM KVLU or your CPU to on Friday at 11pm CST (repeat broadcast will be on Sunday at 8pm CST)

For more information about the documentary please visit their website:

Also “friend” them on Facebook at: (the trailer can be viewed there as well)

We also have some bonus songs and videos on our Facebook page at: