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Spring Capsule in Outer Space

March 29, 2012


Springtime in Outer Space…a phrase to stimulate the imagination… that phrase is also the influence of this week’s Space Capsule mix…Saint Etienne, Amon Tobin, Mike Patton, Stereolab, Ween, Dan Deacon, Daedelus, Candy Claws, DJ Frane are just some of the artists joining us in space this Friday night at 11pm CST on 91.3 FM and!

In other Space Capsule news, our 2nd Capsulecast will be released on Sunday evening, following the rebroadcast at 8pm CST… behind the mix of our spring set and also we chat about robots of the past, present and future!

You can download it for free here…

or stream for free here (plus previous Space Capsule programs):

We are still awaiting your voicemails, emails and cloudcasts for use in a new listener mail segment of the radio show and podcast!

Call us:

409-420-CAPD (2273)


Thanks for listening!



Space Capsule + podcast = Capsulecast

March 25, 2012


The Space Capsule is now adding a weekly podcast, called the Capsulecast, it will be a new vehicle of idea exchange and expression from us to you. The topics will be not only a behind-the-mic glimpse at each radio show mix, but a freeform conversation.

The themes for each Space Capsule come from a variety of inspirational concepts and so will the podcast version of the program. However, key topics will include electronic music, instruments, DJ gear, VHS, technology, 20th century nostalgia, computers, Futurism, film, sci-fi, visual art and design, comic books, video games, books, collectibles/collecting, and outer space of course!

We hope to provide a forum for you as a member of the Space Capsule audience, to share your creative projects, ideas, comments on the radio show/podcast, memories, dreams etc. Also, we hope soon to be able to invite guests to be on the podcast.


You can leave us a voice message at 409-420-CAPD (please keep messages between 1-2 minutes) or record us a message on or email us text or an audio file at:


We will be featuring some of your comments on the Capsulecast.

Messages that pertain to the Space Capsule radio show will also be selected weekly for airing on that program.


For now, we plan on posting the Capsulecast after the rebroadcast of the radio show on Sunday evenings, will post the stream of the Capsulecast on our mixcloud each Monday afternoon.

You can the download the Capsulecast here:

or stream it here:

We’ll be posting to iTunes soon so that you can subscribe and receive automatic updates of the Capsulecast each week.


SXSW 2012 Capsule

March 22, 2012

Matthew ventured to the mega-festival that is South By Southwest again this year. After skillfully dodging as many sponsors and advertisements as possible, he was able to catch some awesome label showcases, that included many artists that have been heavily featured on the Space Capsule. This Friday, we recap the fest with artists he caught in concert and stories from the frontline. For those of you that weren’t able to travel out to Austin this year… turn up your stereo or computer speakers all the way … set up a makeshift light show on the patio, invite over some friends and enjoy your own private SXSW showcase from the Space Capsule transmitter… that’s Friday at 11pm CST or Sunday at 8pm CST on 91.3 FM KVLU. You can stream live around the planet from

Now for the photo gallery of artists and bands featured on tomorrow’s Space Capsule:

Choir of Young Believers


Matthew Dear

Mux Mool

Peaking Lights






Magnetosphere Capsule

March 15, 2012


Since the Sun has been in the early stages of its eleven year solar magnetic activity cycle, which causes it to produce solar flares, the controls of the Space Capsule have been acting with an electronic mind of their own… the outcome for tomorrow night’s show is a mystery of sorts… unknown transmissions… the effects of disruptions in the Earth’s magnetosphere by the X-rays and UV radiation from these strong solar flares!

Tune your radio to 91.3 FM or your internet connection to at 11pm CST on Friday or 8pm CST on Sunday for a magnetized Space Capsule of unknown sounds from the avant-garde!

From the future Space Capsule … next Friday … our annual post-SXSW show!

Also, next week we will announce a new intergalactic vehicle in the Space Capsule fleet!!


Moombahton Capsule

March 8, 2012


Kirk Sarrine aka ELƎK✝R◎$▵ÜRÜ$

Kirk Sarrine aka ELƎK✝R◎$▵ÜRÜ$

Moombahton …

experience it on this Friday’s Space Capsule!

Our guest DJ will be Kirk Sarrine aka DJ ELƎK✝R◎$▵ÜRÜ$!

He will be spinning a special Moombahton set for the Space Capsule audience!

Tune in and dance to the Space CapsuleFriday at 11pm CST or Sunday at 8pm CST on 91.3 FM KVLU Beaumont and!!




Dusk To Dawn Capsule

March 1, 2012


The Magic Hour, The Golden Hour or the Belt Of Venus…whatever you call that hour before sunset or sunrise … it’s usually a  peaceful and beautiful time of day…for night owls and early risers the golden hour can be a time of contemplation…so this Friday on the Space Capsule, we take you from dusk until dawn with music by Brian Eno, Peaking Lights, Six Organs Of Admittance, Yo La Tengo,  Bonobo, Windy & Carl, Tycho, Jonas Reinhardt, Shigeto and Shlohmo.

Join us in orbit from Dusk Until Dawn, on the Space Capsule … Friday at 11pm CST or Sunday at 8pm CST on public radio 91.3 FM KVLU and

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