Magnetosphere Capsule

March 15, 2012


Since the Sun has been in the early stages of its eleven year solar magnetic activity cycle, which causes it to produce solar flares, the controls of the Space Capsule have been acting with an electronic mind of their own… the outcome for tomorrow night’s show is a mystery of sorts… unknown transmissions… the effects of disruptions in the Earth’s magnetosphere by the X-rays and UV radiation from these strong solar flares!

Tune your radio to 91.3 FM or your internet connection to kvlu.org at 11pm CST on Friday or 8pm CST on Sunday for a magnetized Space Capsule of unknown sounds from the avant-garde!

From the future Space Capsule … next Friday … our annual post-SXSW show!

Also, next week we will announce a new intergalactic vehicle in the Space Capsule fleet!!


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