Space Capsule + podcast = Capsulecast

March 25, 2012


The Space Capsule is now adding a weekly podcast, called the Capsulecast, it will be a new vehicle of idea exchange and expression from us to you. The topics will be not only a behind-the-mic glimpse at each radio show mix, but a freeform conversation.

The themes for each Space Capsule come from a variety of inspirational concepts and so will the podcast version of the program. However, key topics will include electronic music, instruments, DJ gear, VHS, technology, 20th century nostalgia, computers, Futurism, film, sci-fi, visual art and design, comic books, video games, books, collectibles/collecting, and outer space of course!

We hope to provide a forum for you as a member of the Space Capsule audience, to share your creative projects, ideas, comments on the radio show/podcast, memories, dreams etc. Also, we hope soon to be able to invite guests to be on the podcast.


You can leave us a voice message at 409-420-CAPD (please keep messages between 1-2 minutes) or record us a message on http://soundcloud.com/ or email us text or an audio file at: spacecapsuleradio@gmail.com


We will be featuring some of your comments on the Capsulecast.

Messages that pertain to the Space Capsule radio show will also be selected weekly for airing on that program.


For now, we plan on posting the Capsulecast after the rebroadcast of the radio show on Sunday evenings, will post the stream of the Capsulecast on our mixcloud each Monday afternoon.

You can the download the Capsulecast here: http://soundcloud.com/spacecapsule

or stream it here: http://www.mixcloud.com/SpaceCapsule/

We’ll be posting to iTunes soon so that you can subscribe and receive automatic updates of the Capsulecast each week.


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