Spring Capsule in Outer Space

March 29, 2012


Springtime in Outer Space…a phrase to stimulate the imagination… that phrase is also the influence of this week’s Space Capsule mix…Saint Etienne, Amon Tobin, Mike Patton, Stereolab, Ween, Dan Deacon, Daedelus, Candy Claws, DJ Frane are just some of the artists joining us in space this Friday night at 11pm CST on 91.3 FM and kvlu.org!

In other Space Capsule news, our 2nd Capsulecast will be released on Sunday evening, following the rebroadcast at 8pm CST… behind the mix of our spring set and also we chat about robots of the past, present and future!

You can download it for free here…


or stream for free here (plus previous Space Capsule programs):


We are still awaiting your voicemails, emails and cloudcasts for use in a new listener mail segment of the radio show and podcast!

Call us:

409-420-CAPD (2273)



Thanks for listening!



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