Space Capsule Cat5.2

April 27, 2012

Tonight’s Space Capsule will be our second show with guest  Beth Rankin, from Cat5 magazine, she has put together a traveling set of songs that will set the groove after some free form conversation inside the Capsule control room. The radio party starts at 11pm CST, with a repeat broadcast at 8pm CST on Sunday on 91.3 FM and kvlu.org

This week’s edition of Cat5 has a story about the Space Capsule and other local radio programs, you can pick up a copy for free  at  over 75 drop spots, which include bars, restaurants and other venues all around Southeast Texas, for more information visit: http://thecat5.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/thecatfive

Also, a reminder that the station that broadcasts the Space Capsule – 91.3 KVLU is in its Spring Membership Campaign and we are asking all of you Space Capsule fans out there to help and keep quality programs on KVLU, by donating whatever you can financially… you name your price and we’ll sincerely appreciate any help you can provide!

Donate online (perhaps while you are listening to the Space Capsule) at kvlu.org.

You can also call our pledge line at 838-7000 or 1-877-860-5858  Monday through Friday of next week between 6am-6pm CST.

Thank you for listening and for your support!


For stream previous Space Capsule programs for free, please visit:




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