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UFO Capsule

June 22, 2012

The phenomenon of U.F.Os is always intriguing, even if the story is obviously a hoax, it still stimulates the imagination to contemplate others worlds and dimensions, aliens and possible time travelers from Earth’s future!

Tonight on the Space Capsule, we remove the hoax factor and imagine these strange saucers, shapes and lights are real… what would the soundtrack for the sightings be?   Tune in tonight to Earth station frequency 91.3 FM at Earth time 11pm CST and watch tonight’s sky while you listen to the Space Capsule UFO tranmission!

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And remember, the flying saucers return on the Space Capsule‘s Sunday evening encore broadcast at Earth time  –  8pm CST!

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Found Footage Capsule

June 15, 2012

It really was an honor to have Nick Prueher, Co-founder and Host of the Found Footage Festival on the Space Capsule this week!      Matt and I are both fans of not only their comedy show, but we respect his and co-host Joe Pickett’s part in collecting and restoring pop cultural artifacts from the home video era. There really is so much untapped entertainment on the shelves and in the bins of your local thrift stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army, antique stores, flea markets and garage sales.

A large part of the VHS adventure is the hunt for gems in the odd assortment of home movies, industrial films, corporate videos, training tapes, B-movies, strange experimental oddities and many other weird sub genres of video.

The conversations will go on, but for now if you really want to have a laugh… listen to tonight’s Space Capsule and check out the Found Footage Festival website and DVDs!    Also, if you are chilling out this weekend around town, visit a garage sale or thrift store … you might find a tape to send to the Found Footage Festival!

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And don’t forget about the music … we have an all new VHS artist mix for you with sound clips from the Found Footage Festival’s collection … tune it all in at 91.3 FM KVLU or stream the show live at… tonight at 11pm CST and remember the Sunday repeat at 8pm CST.

You can share with us your memories of the VHS era by leaving us a voicemail at 409-420-CAPD … we will air some of the messages on the Space Capsule!


Found Footage Fest on the Space Capsule

June 12, 2012

More information soon…standby for Space Capsule transmission…