UFO Capsule

June 22, 2012

The phenomenon of U.F.Os is always intriguing, even if the story is obviously a hoax, it still stimulates the imagination to contemplate others worlds and dimensions, aliens and possible time travelers from Earth’s future!

Tonight on the Space Capsule, we remove the hoax factor and imagine these strange saucers, shapes and lights are real… what would the soundtrack for the sightings be?   Tune in tonight to Earth station frequency 91.3 FM at Earth time 11pm CST and watch tonight’s sky while you listen to the Space Capsule UFO tranmission!

Tune in through cyberspace at kvlu.org!

And remember, the flying saucers return on the Space Capsule‘s Sunday evening encore broadcast at Earth time  –  8pm CST!

For more UFO chat… download the Space Capsule podcast at: http://soundcloud.com/spacecapsule


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