Toy Capsule

October 4, 2012

A favorite toy is one of those types of objects that exist on several levels. It is obviously something that entertained us, helped us to build early friendships and of course, just simply fun to look at and collect. However, they are also items that are surrounded by memories and nostalgic connections to our childhood.

Since Space Capsule is a music show that is strongly influenced by nostalgia and certain aspects of pop culture, we are very happy to welcome toy and pop culture expert and collector, Jordan Hembrough, as our special guest on this week’s program. His passion for collecting toys and other pop culture items has literally turned into a way of life and livelihood  for him. The new TV show “Toy Hunter” on Travel Channel, follows Jordan on this toy trek around the country to seek out rare toys and restore  fond memories to his many clients.

We were fortunate to be able to speak with Jordan recently about what he does and why he does it…and why, as he says at the beginning of the TV show…”these may be toys, but this ain’t child’s play!”

We also mixed a toy influenced set for the second part of the show, so tune into tomorrow night at 11 pm CST or Sunday at 8 pm CST for a Special Collector’s Edition of Space Capsule on 91.3 FM and kvlu.org!

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